The portable veterinary DR system SR-1000V integrated with functions of acquisition transmission and processing of X-ray images diagnosis and patient information management presents high-definition quality images quickly. It is easy to use and applicable to various mobile or stationary sites of veterinary medical facilities.

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SR-1000V is a DR package including the X-Ray generator SR-8100 the X-Ray flat panel and the acquisition software.


X-Ray Generator SR-8100:

Built-in battery power supply and wireless transmission release the X-ray from the laboratory

Easily applied in emergency rooms operation rooms and the fields

Powerful and energy efficient LED collimator lights

Efficient self-protection and self-diagnosis on failure makes it convenient for maintenance

X-Ray Flat Panel:

Excellent image quality with high image resolution

Fast acquisition time within 5s

Large imaging area (36cmⅹ43cm) for most general radiographic exams

Suitable for both stationary and mobile solution

Acquisition Software PIE-5V:

Simple user interface

Multi region of interest image enhancement functions

Vertebral Scale System (VSS) to measure canine and feline heart size

Practical report template with one or more images inserted as required

Mini PACS for patient history and diagnosis management