SIUI service at hand
With the concepts of Ingenuity in Manufacture and Service Foremost, SIUI has been fulfilling the commitment of “Technology for Life” over decades, and improving the customer service system. SIUI provides professional, fast, efficient and cost-effective value-added service for global customers. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

Well-equipped service network
SIUI has a well-equipped service network, including customer service center at headquarters, major areas and over 30 cities and provinces in China. Whenever you are in need, SIUI service is right by your side.

Solid technical support
SIUI’s customer service team consists of technical experts, senior engineers and clinical specialists, providing engineering technical support, professional service for medical imaging application and ultrasonic testing (UT) application. Whenever you are in need, SIUI service is at hand.

Complete parts available
Original parts and accessories are available in stock over 30 cities and provinces in China, ensuring normal operation of your equipment.

Innovative cloud service
The ULTRACLOUD originated by SIUI provides cloud service like cloud diagnosis, maintenance, teaching and communication. The service is always close at hand despite the physical distance thousands of miles apart.


Software update to latest technology
Along with constant technology innovation, SIUI continues to provide software update service, expanding products values for customers and keeping you up with the latest technology.

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