Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. (SIUI), has been dedicated to innovative development of healthcare and safety, and persistently engaged in R&D and manufacture of medical imaging systems and NDT equipment. SIUI has achieved significant breakthrough and is maintaining steady and rapid growth.Today SIUI has become a renowned key high-tech corporation at national level specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of ultrasound imaging systems, medical X-Ray imaging products, and non-destructive testing instruments. State-of-the-art technologies, cutting-edge equipment, fine craftsmanship, quality products and good service have earned SIUI great reputation among customers in the industry.
As a pioneer of national high-tech corporation, SIUI has kept investing over 10% of its sales revenue in technical innovation for years. Many technological achievements were made, and the consequent successful industrialization contributes to SIUI products a leading position in China's industry.Based on its strength in ultrasound, SIUI will diversify its growth in sectors of medical imaging systems and non-destructive testing devices, and become an international large group company.



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  • 2017 year

    Responsible for the drafting of the standard "Specific Technical Conditions for Portable Medical Digital Radiography Imaging Systems";
  • 2016 year

    Released intelligent ultrasound MAI (My Artificial Intelligence), leading the ultrasonic industry to intelligent age;
    SIUI was responsible for drafting the national industry standard “Test Method for Ultrasonic Quasi-Static Strain Elastic Properties”;
  • 2015 year

    The ULTRACLOUD product Apogee 5500/5300/5 series received the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015;
    SIUI was responsible for drafting the national industry standard "3D Ultrasound Imaging Performance Test Method";
  • 2014 year

    Recognized as the preferred choice for medical equipment sourcing by state government.
  • 2013 year

    Released ULTRACLOUD series of products, leading the ultrasound industry to Cloud Era.
  • 2012 year

    Released new product family: color Doppler for cardiology application.
  • 2011 year

    Released China's first live 3D(4D) endocavity volume probe, strengthening SIUI's dominant presence in real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound technology;
  • 2010 year

    Digital radiography systems released for commercial distribution, a milestone in SIUI's product diversification;
  • 2009 year

    Breakthrough in elastographic imaging;
    Developed China's first phased array ultrasonic flaw detector;
    Released a series of real-time 3D (4D) color Doppler systems, and the world's first real-time 3D (4D) system based on B/W ultrasound platform, which opened a new era for popular application of real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound;
  • 2008 year

    Developed the live 3D(4D) volume probe, the first of its kind in China;
    Released a series of digital ultrasonic flaw detectors;
    Launched a new generation of color Doppler ultrasound systems, which represents China’s R&D strength in mid and high end color Doppler;
  • 2005 year

    Launched full digital color Doppler ultrasound systems, marking the start to increase penetration rate of such products in China;
  • 2003 year

    Developed advanced digital ultrasound imaging systems, which became a competitive alternative to foreign-brand products.
  • 1997 year

    Certified by ISO 9001, FDA and CE;
    Acquired color Doppler ultrasound technology and production line from ATL US, the first of its kind in China;
  • 1986 year

    Introduced B/W ultrasound technology and production line from Hitachi Japan;
  • 1983 year

    Developed the first ultrasound imaging system in China;
  • 1978 year

    Approved for establishment by State First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry;


SIUI has a State Certified Corporate Technology Center, the only one in China's ultrasound industry. A number of R&D talents, and experts entitled to State Council Special Allowance work here. Over 60% of the staffs have engineering and technical background. The quality human resource provides reliable support for sustainable growth of SIUI.
In terms of scientific research and development, SIUI is equipped with advanced R&D equipment and software development environment.SIUI insists to technology innovation, self development and co-development, fully control of core technologies. SIUI has set up R&D facility in the US, worked with famous higher education facilities such as Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, as well as well-known hi-tech companies, continuously making breakthrough in technical field.

SIUI has the biggest manufacture base of ultrasound instruments in China with multiple advanced SMT lines, transducer and machining production lines, a large number of experienced production and engineering technicians and mature logistics at home and abroad.
Currently SIUI’s annual production capability is up to 8,000 main units and 20,000 transducers for medical ultrasound, and 20,000 main units and 100,000 transducers for UT products, the leading manufacturer of the industry in China. SIUI is therefore certified as one of Top 50 Guangdong Equipment Manufacturers.
Aiming at high processing precision and sophisticated manufacture technique of medical and non-destructive testing ultrasound systems, SIUI persists in in-house manufacture of main components such as PCBs and transducers and crucial procedures, which plays a key role in product quality assurance, system integration and product anti-interference.

Quality Control

SIUI is the first company in China’s ultrasound industry that was certified by ISO 9001, FDA and CE. The quality management system keeps improving, and the management flow tends to be more reasonable and mature, which is an assurance to standardized procedures in R&D, procurement, manufacture, delivery, sales and service.
In accordance with SIUI's quality policy "Be Innovative in Imaging Technology; Be Dedicative in Quality Management; Be Faithful in Customer Service", SIUI employees have been endowed with the philosophy of Quality First through professional training and corporate culture.
Components are sourced worldwide and purchased based on the principle of selecting the best qualified. All the suppliers are recognized, and all the components are proved qualified through testing, a guarantee to product component performance.
SIUI has set up environmental chambers at international level. All the finished products shall undergo burn-in tests for 72 hours continuously in the environmental chambers before delivery, assuring system operation properly even in severe conditions.

Social Responsibility

SIUI believes in Thanks and Giving and assume due social responsibility. SIUI contributes to the community regularly by donating ultrasound imaging systems to the impoverish regions and old revolutionary base areas, alleviating their difficulty of getting medical treatment.

        ●   Scholarship in colleges and universities for years.

        ●   In 2015 donated RMB400,000 to charities.

        ●  In 2014 contributed to earthquake affected Ludian in Yunnan Province; donated RMB1 million to help build Shantou Ultrasound Fitness Park.

        ●   In 2013 provided five ultrasound imaging systems to flood-hit hospitals in Chaonan.

        ●  In 2011 provided color Doppler ultrasound imaging systems worth over RMB2 million again to China Population Welfare Foundation to support family planning of migrant population.

        ●   Subsequent to Qinghai Earthquake in 2010, SIUI contributed ultrasound systems worth RMB1 million to the quake-hit area.

        ●  In 2009 provided color Doppler ultrasound imaging systems worth RMB1 million to Guangdong Red Cross Society, for treatment of children with congenital heart disease in poverty.

        ●  In the wake of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, contributed to the quake-hit region about RMB5 million of fund and equipment to aid post-disaster reconstruction through Sichuan Health Department, China Population Welfare Foundation and Shantou Charity Federation.