CTS-900 Neo

As small as a laptop the CTS-900 Neo is a B/W ultrasound imaging system suitable for ultrasound diagnosis such as beside checkup in hospitals outgoing consultation and field operation.

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  • 10.4 inch high resolution LCD monitor
  • Built-in battery for 2 hours’ operation
  • 3.8kg
  • Supporting maximum 12MHz linear probe
  • 2 USB ports
  • DICOM 3.0


Distortion-free Live Zoom
Ensure the real time zoom imaging quality based on unique data processing technique

IP One-key Optimization
One key for eight groups of optimization parameter adjustment and each optimization group has up to 14 parameters for adjusting easy to achieve optimized images.

Auto Free
Time can be set to freeze probes automatically extending service life of probes effectivel

Flexible Storage Media Option
- Storage Media: Hard disk USB disk and DICOM
- Storage Formats: BMP JPG AVI and CIN
- Auto Creation of Document Report
- Off-line Diagnostic Function
- File and Edit of Patient Information

Wide Angle Convex Probe
Convex probe is featured with big angle. The angle can be adjusted when scanningwhich is intuitive easy to use and may reduce patient.

Unique Firmware Upgrade
Advanced FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) platform to achieve high performance signal processing & flexible firmware upgrade. With one USB disk alone the user can continuously timely and conveniently access our latest research results in this regard which include: improving image quality supporting more probes adding new features and so on.