SIUI Contributes to the First Industrial Standard for 3D Ultrasonography Test Method in China

Medical Ultrasound manufacturers in China will have a specific professional standard to follow for 3-dimensional imaging performance test!


CFDA (China food and drug administration) has issued the industrial standard relating to 3D ultrasonography on 2nd Mar.2015. SIUI is honoredto be the only manufacturer among all the drafters contributing to this significant document for medical ultrasound industry.


This would be the very first industrial standard in medical ultrasound sector to formulate the technical index and test method of 3D ultrasound imaging system.


Terms, definition, test equipment and test method for the capability of the 3D Ultrasound Imaging systems measured by phantom are specified in the standard.


To China’s medical ultrasound industry, this is a great leap from GB10152-2009, national standard that defined the computing deviation of 3-demensional volume. To SIUI, this is the great honor and recognition at national level for our technology capability and professionalism.


The standard will be come in to effect on 1st Jan.2016.