SIUI showed its newest product portfolio and advanced clinical solution at RSNA

RSNA 2018 wrapped up on Thursday with productive result. SIUI received visitors from target countries and areas, who expressed their interest and positive feedbacks in our product portfolio, as well as the advanced clinical solution SIUI MAI.

Right after MEDICA, we bring SIUI MAI to America. Basing on IOT (Internet of Things), the value-added solution launched exclusively by SIUI offers real time ultrasound service.

Besides the service solution, the newly launched ultrasound systems were also spotlights. Powered by the new imaging algorithm and optimizing processing technology, Apogee 5800 Genius presents premium image quality with a generous and functional design. What makes it the best of the product line are the advanced clinical solutions such as, abdominal angiography, 4D urography, shearwave elastography, which break through the technical bottlenecks of Chinese brands in this grade. And Apogee 6500 is a high-end ultrasound system with sleek outline. With new technologies adopted in its evolved transducers that highly enhance image quality, Apogee 6500 always serves as an expert by your side.

As the new ultrasound modality, IBUS 60 represents a major technological breakthrough in the field of ultrasound imaging and diagnostic mode. Applied with brand new, cutting-edge ultrasound examination method, IBUS 60 offers high resolution image and reduces missed diagnosis, which is ideal for breast exam especially for one with dense breast. While the digital DR system, integrated with the X-ray generator with built-in battery, wireless flat panel detector, and the exclusive workstation, SR-1000 provides high quality image with speedy acquisition to satisfy clinical diagnostic demand both in indoor and outdoor field.

With the theme of “Tomorrow’s radiology today”, RSNA represents the future of radiology. As participated in ever since 1996, SIUI will continue to focus on the demanding need of health care, and deliver the latest medical imaging innovation of China to the whole world. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!