Professional self-developed probes together with newest product portfolio indicate more possibility in niche market in Russia

Right after RSNA, SIUI continually participated in Zdravookhraneniye 2018 without a stop. Launched in 1974, for the past 45 years, Zdravookhraneniye has grown to become Russia's largest and leading trade show for medical goods and services. As one of the most important overseas market of SIUI, Russia is no doubt the target arena to showcase SIUI MAI and the latest product series. With years of market building, SIUI has set up a favorable branding and product image in Russia and the Far East area, recognized and highly praised by most professional customers. Therefore, SIUI MAI and the new product series attracted quite a few visitors on their debut without surprise. And the self-developed probes, as one of our most competitive products, were also the spotlight of the booth.

18 MHz high frequency linear probe: It’s ideal to provide superb images with detailed information in superficial, nerve and MSK etc.

Micro-convex probe: With small radius of curvature and large scanning angle, it captures sufficient image information with sensitive blood flow detected. Specially designed for neonatology, including abdominal, urological, craniocerebrum, cardiac and other neonatal examinations, it also supports CW exclusively.

Bi-plane probe: With dual real-time display and larger scanning angles, it performs excellent images on Urology. Featuring an exclusive biopsy guide, it better assists clinicians in operations and largely reduces patient’s malaise.

With the positive feedback these days of the entire product portfolio, we are looking forward to a booming market in the coming year.