PolyU Prof. Dai Visits SIUI

Prof. Dai from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited SIUI on June 19, 2019. Prof. Dai discussed with SIUI’s R&D team on technology transfer and commercialization of high-frequency ultrasonic transducers. After site visit, Prof. Dai gave a lecture on the topics of ultrasound transducer research in PolyU, magnetron sputtering deposition and relaxor ferroelectrics.

Prof. Dai is currently full professor of the Department of Applied Physics, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He graduated from Fudan University in 1988, and thereafter, he received M.S. degree in Tsinghua University and Ph.D in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has worked in Northwestern University as postdoctoral researcher and in semiconductor industry in Singapore. He has published over 200 publications and been awarded a number of patterns in USA and China. He recently has successfully finished National Key Basic Research (973) project in developing high-performance ultrasonic transducers with advanced acoustic materials. Prof. Dai has also conducted a few collaboration projects with SIUI and has successfully transferred research output to commercialized products by SIUI and provided training to young engineers from SIUI. He is currently serving as the member of China Medical Equipment-Ultrasound Technology Society.

Photo of Li Delai (Chairman), Prof. Dai and Yang Jinyao (VP)

Academic Seminar at SIUI