FIME 2019|Explore Medical Imaging's Future with SIUI

FIME 2019 was successfully wrapped on June 28th, 2019. As one of the significant exhibitors, SIUI has showcased cutting-edge technology of medical imaging such as the latest premium Color Doppler Apogee 5800 Genius, classic ultrasound imaging solution Apogee 5500 and portable DR system SR-1000.

Apogee 5800 Genius
Apogee 5800 Genius was no doubt the star product of FIME 2019 which has attracted much attention of numerous attendees. Standing out from the brand new Apogee series, Apogee 5800 Genius leads SIUI's premium color ultrasound to stride over the conventional platform into the intelligent platform RealView. Advanced clinical solutions empower its outstanding performance in the diagnosis of miscellaneous diseases like cancers, chronic diseases, etc. Breaking through the technical bottlenecks of Chinese brands in this grade, Apogee 5800 Genius will be the inspiring ultrasound and simply the best of the product line. With the cutting-edge technology of contrast imaging and ShearwaveElastography, Apogee 5800 Genius arouses inspiration for imaging. It delivers a refined image with more detailed information.


Contrast Imaging of Liver

Contrast Imaging of Oviduct

Apogee 5500
The IF DESIGN Awards winner Apogee 5500 lighted up FIME 2019 as well.Itwas equipped with extended physic channels which offer more detailed image signal and higher image density. Exclusive technology is applied to offer superb image resolution with exceptional image penetration, advanced flow sensibility and improved S/N ratio. The image quality of both 2D mode and color mode has been improved dramatically.


SR-1000 presents high-definition quality images quickly. It is easy to use and applicable to various mobile or stationary sites of medical facilities.Integrated with the X-ray generator, flat panel detector and the workstation, SR-1000 is featured with built-in power supply and wireless transmission between each part. It'will play an essential role in both human and veterinary applications.


In the 5G era, smart "Cloud Service" is becoming more and more important.SIUI MAI, live service for ultrasound, is the product of medical IOT (Internet of Things) developed by SIUI. It provides a communication platform to combine the manufacturers, distributors and end users together.


At FIME 2019, SIUI brought China innovation to the world with its strong creativity and high product quality. In the future, SIUI will keep focusing on catering to the trend of the industry and exploring the latest technology. Thereafter, SIUI will launch many more medical imaging solutions with higher quality!