• 1.How to submit after sales demands?

    You can contact us throught email (siui@siui.com or service@siui.com),our customer service engineer will provide you solutions such as remote maintanence,door-to-door service, cinician training according to your demand,after that our customer service center will call you back to collect your satisfaction opinion to this service,and thanks to your opinion we will make our service better.

  • 2.How to deal with instrument power off?

    Please make sure the power line is firmly connected at the back of the instrument ,then check the fuse,if the fuse is burned,please replace a new one with the same type(there are backup fuses in the package).If all the ways above can not solve the problem please contact our after sales service department.

  • 3.Can the free warranty period be extended?

    Yes,our company provides warranty period extension.Contact us to know more.

  • 4.Can I receive free maintanence during free warranty if the equitment is damaged artificially?

    Sorry,product warranty coverage can be seen written on the warranty card,our company only provides free warranty within warranty card indications coverage,otherwise we will charge according to your situation.

  • 5.How long it takes to clean and disinfect the probe in use?

    You need to clean and disinfect the prode each time you used,see more details in instrument check and maintanence chapter of the operationg manual.

  • 6.What is the requirement of the the ultrasound instrument power source?

    Power souce voltage required AC 220V, allowable error is ±10%,power source frequency is 50Hz±1Hz;In unstable electric supply area,suggest using the output power above 1000VA manostat to stabilize the voltage,in case of electric fluctuation damage to the instrument.

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