Apogee 5500
Winning the IF design award 2015, Apogee 5500 convinces users with her ergonomic design as well as her reliable diagnosis experience. Premium image quality and progressive technology guarantees accurate diagnosis, while new 4D imaging tools and comprehensive cardiac assessment tools offer maximized clinical value.
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MFI: By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises, MFI renders premium images with outstanding resolution, high contrast and enhanced penetration. 


Foco Tracing: It presents a distinct and well-distributed image with balanced present in both near and far field.

Nanoview: By reducing noises and artifacts, Nanoview is able to present tiny lesions in soften images with distinct tissues and enhanced edge.


FusionFreq: By fusing both low and high frequency signals, it accomplishes a depth-independent resolution to achieve perfect images.

Slim outline and ergonomic design: distinct control panel with intuitive layout, elaborate button and knob, temperature adjustable gel-warmer.


Q-Cut: By trimming the irregular images to present the target area more clearly, greatly improves diagnostic efficiency. 


Opti-4D: A quick 4D optimization tool helps to obtain an ideal 4D image. 


TDI: TDI helps to assess the directional and temporal phase of cardiac, so as to display the movement state of vascular wall and the movement speed of heart. 

Simpson auto tracing: With three-point fixed, the measurement saves your time and effort to obtain the reliable information of cardiac function by automatically tracing the endocardium (fine-tuning available). 


PISA: With PISA, Apogee 5500 easily calculates regurgitation flow caused by cardiac valve disease, which provides significant evidence for clinical diagnosis.