New generation of ultrasonic flaw detector from SIUI, with modular design and more powerful functions. The SUPOR represents the persistent fine tradition of SIUI: innovative technology, advanced process, small size, light weight, powerful functions and easy operation.

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  • Grouping Scanning: It can be divided into up to six groups for one PAUT probe for different inspections.
  • Support two PAUT probes working simultaneously with grouping function.
  • Modular design: Phased array module (16/32 channels), Phased array +TOFD module, Multi-channel TOFD module or conventional UT module…
  • Simultaneous Inspection of PA & TOFD
  • TKY software (Optional)
  • Velocity, Sensitivity, Delay, TCG calibration
  • Weld simulation
  • Scan setup wizard
  • Real time A/B/C/D scan
  • 8.4" touch screen LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels

Multi-Group Scanning

Welding Simulation

TCG Calibration

TKY Software (Optional)