• Through Coating
  • Auto Echo Search
  • Rotatable Screen
  • Two-point Calibration
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  • Corrosion Application
  • Compatible with different kinds of probes.
  • Measurement range: 0.5~600mm.
  • Compact size and weighs only 0.6kg including battery.
  • 5” high resolution color TFT-LCD monitor with high-brightness LED backlight (visible under sunshine ),800x480 pixels.
  • Auto search function can automatically adjust display delay, display range, gain and measurement gate based on the detected echo.
  • Normal (R-B1, transmission pulse to the first echo), velocity measurement,through coating measurement or echo to echo (B1-B2, or Bm-Bn), coating measurement functions available.
  • One-point, Two-points and Fast Zero point calibrations available.
  • Single and dual element probes for selection. CTS-59 can support dialogue thickness gauge probe to realize probe auto-recognition function, which can reduce display measurement data error.
  • A/B scan functions.

COAT Measurement Function

MULTI-Layers Measurement Function

V-PATH Function

TEMP Function

TDG Function (Time Depth Gain Function)