Apogee 3300
With experienced insight into ultrasound industry, SIUI introduces Apogee 3300, the best choice of ultrasound system for medical ultrasound practitioners who are seeking for balance of cost and performance.

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Adaptive Speckle Reduction: The system may automatically track, identify and intensify useful tissues-characteristic information. Meanwhile, noise is filtered to increase S/N ratio, enabling clearer tissue boundary and more obvious image gradation, which is easy for distinguishing early-stage lesion tissues.

Multi-beam Forming Technology: This technology can multiply receiving and processing scan lines of images from each element, which largely increases the frame rate of images in B mode and 4D mode and contribute to outstanding cardiac performance.

Trapezoidal Imaging / Extended Sector Imaging: The extended field of view displays more image information without sacrificing image quality, a convenient approach especially for scanning big-size organs.

Linear Steering: By steering the imaging area of linear array, sonographers can easily scan neighboring organs without moving the probe, thus scanning becomes more efficient and easier.

Auto IMT measurement: The system automatically helps measure the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall, so as to evaluate cardiovascular disease such as hypertension diabetes.

Panoramic Imaging: Extending wider view for doctors to scan large area tissue, the system particularly allows doctors to monitor the scanning quality via simultaneous display of B mode/ Panoramic mode.

3D/4D Imaging: With built-in software, 3D images can be easily achieved together with various processing functions such as rotation, zoom in/out and trim. Moreover, 4D volume probes enable the system to real-time display volumetric information of fetus or organ conveniently and efficiently.

Elastography: Elastography is adopted to visualize the stiffness of tissues in real time by delivering an external compression on the tissues. Stiffness of the tissues can be clearly identified by color codes.