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Scientific research strength

SIUI has a national ultrasonic instrument professional enterprise technology center, brings together a number of sophisticated research and development personnel, has obtained more than the State Council special allowance experts, engineers and technicians accounted for more than 60% of employees. High quality human resources, to provide a strong support for the long-term development of SIUI.

In the research and development environment, SIUI is equipped with a sound scientific research equipment and software development system. On the basis of the international well-known enterprises successful experience, SIUI insists on technology innovation, independent research and development and the joint development of the combination, independent control of core technology policy, the establishment of advanced technology development institutions in the United States, and the famous Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and other institutions of higher education and a number of domestic and foreign high-tech companies have established a good technical cooperation, continue to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of technology.


SIUI is a professional ultrasonic instrument manufacturing base, has a number of advanced production line, SMT production line and probe machining production line, with a large number of skilled production and technical personnel, as well as the domestic and foreign mature logistics operation system.

At present, medical ultrasonic diagnostic system SIUI annual production capacity to host 8000, probe 20000, industrial test equipment annual production capacity of 20000 computers, probe 100000, is one of the Guangdong provincial government identified 50 key enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong province.

According to the medical imaging system, industrial test equipment processing precision is high, the production process is complex, SIUI always adhere to take the independent production of major components such as circuit board, probe and important process, to a very crucial role to ensure the quality of products, but also makes the cooperation more perfect, stronger anti-interference ability.