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SIUI MAI, live service for ultrasound, is the product of medical IOT (Internet of Things) developed by SIUI. It connects the ultrasound system with the phone/pad, transferring image and sound simultaneous on both sides. 

With a SIUI ultrasound system, a SIUI MAI mobile App, a camera with built-in microphone, and network (LAN/WIFI), you can access SIUI MAI freely. 

SIUI MAI provides the following services to save your time and cost.

Remote pre-sales on-line demonstration gives you a general idea of any needed system before it’s ordered.

Remote on-line application training makes sure you know well of any applications you want to know.

On-line public classes invite experts to share cases and exchange ideas with your audience.

Remote diagnostic support will offer you qualified imaging analysis and clinical solutions.

Remote system maintenance will provide timely troubleshooting services.


3 simple steps to use SIUI MAI!

Step 1- Download the SIUI MAI App on the phone/pad

Scan QR code below to download “SIUI MAI”.


Step 2- Register SIUI MAI Account

Run the SIUI MAI App, and use your mobile phone number to register a SIUI MAI account. 

Step 3- Join Live Broadcast

1. Run the SIUI MAI App and log in.

2. Pull down to refresh live interface, and select a live broadcast to enter.