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    Overseas Regional Sales ManagerShantouSeveral2018-08-28

    1. Manage and facilitate dealer fulfillment of sales performance in overseas regions responsible.
    2. Develop overseas dealers and expand distribution channels of products.
    3. Take part in overseas exhibitions, visit local customers and assist marketing activities in regions responsible.
    4. Responsible for overseas bidding projects in the regions.
    5. Responsible for information collection and analysis of markets (customers, competitors and marketing) in regions responsible, providing basis for sales decision-making.
    1. Over two years’ work experience, familiar with foreign trade and work flow.
    2. Professional requirements: major in English, international trade, science or engineering (with fluent English); peer work experience, familiar with the target market is preferred.
    3. Good at communication, coordination and teamwork.
    4. Good at handling pressure, accustomed to overseas business trip.