Social Responsibility

SIUI believes in Thanks and Giving and assume due social responsibility. SIUI contributes to the community regularly by donating ultrasound imaging systems to the impoverish regions and old revolutionary base areas, alleviating their difficulty of getting medical treatment.

        ●   Scholarship in colleges and universities for years.
        ●   In 2020  donated the portable DR systems worth about RMB 5 million to support "COVID-19" epidemic prevention and control across the country.
        ●   In 2017  "SIUI Charity Foundation" was founded with an investment of RMB 2 million in 2017. The Foundation regularly organizes "heart-warming" activities to offer help to badly-off families. SIUI sticks to support public welfare such as donating to the construction of civic square which has contributed to building a harmonious and civilized society. 
        ●   In 2015  donated RMB400,000 to charities.
        ●   In 2014  contributed to earthquake affected Ludian in Yunnan Province; donated RMB1 million to help build Shantou Ultrasound Fitness Park.
        ●   In 2013  provided five ultrasound imaging systems to flood-hit hospitals in Chaonan.
        ●   In 2011  provided color Doppler ultrasound imaging systems worth over RMB2 million again to China Population Welfare Foundation to support family planning of migrant population.
        ●   Subsequent to Qinghai Earthquake in 2010, SIUI contributed ultrasound systems worth RMB1 million to the quake-hit area.
        ●   In 2009  provided color Doppler ultrasound imaging systems worth RMB1 million to Guangdong Red Cross Society, for treatment of children with congenital heart disease in poverty.
        ●   In the wake of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, contributed to the quake-hit region about RMB5 million of fund and equipment to aid post-disaster reconstruction through Sichuan Health Department, China Population Welfare Foundation and Shantou Charity Federation.