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  • Online resume delivery:

    A. Visit SIUI official website at www.siui.com. Click “Join Us” and submit your resume under the proper job title.
    B. Log in www.zhaopin.com or www.51job.com/shantou, search “汕头市超声仪器研究所有限公司” or “汕头市东方超声科技有限公司” to summit your resume.
    C. Send your electronic resume and academic transcript to siui-hr@siui.com, with the title: name + job title + university/ college and major + years of service (or “Fresh” for fresh graduate).
    The resumes are filtered according to job requirements properly. We will contact the candidates in time for interview.

  • Does SIUI provide internship for winter/ summer vacation or pre-graduation?

    No internship for winter/ summer vacation is available. For recruited fresh graduates, you may apply for internship before graduation, which is arranged subject to company decision.

  • How to apply for a job?

    Field application:
    a. Field interview at SIUI booth in recruitment fairs.
    b. Summit your resume at campus recruitment.

  • Can the Company solve settlement in Shantou?

    Fresh university graduates without Shantou residency may apply for settlement in company collective account.

  • What kinds of trainings are provided to employees?

    SIUI encourage employees to take part in training and pay attention to personal development.
    Multi-mode: internal communication, outward training, internal courses from external teachers, video courses and outward-bound training.
    All-dimensional: corporate culture training, traditional culture education, professional qualification/ skill training, managerial skill training and advanced studies.
    Strong-support: tuition support, time support and site sources.

  • What is the career advancement channel?

    Dual channel promotion (either for management or for technical position) mechanism is provided, which allows equal administrative benefits, career advancement and development opportunities for talented persons at all levels of management or technical positions. 

    Managerial promotion: lower management, Manager Assistant, Deputy Manager, Manager, Assistant to General Manager, Deputy General Manager and General Manager.

    Professional and technical promotion: technical team, professional team and marketing team