Portable Integrated DR System
SR-1000 presents high-definition quality images quickly. It's easy to use and applicable to various mobile or stationary sites of both human and veterinary medical facilities. Integrated with the X-ray generator, flat panel detector and the workstation, SR-1000 is featured with built-in power supply and wireless transmission between each part.

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Advanced power supply technology
Double closed-loop control system of tube current achieves the accuracy within 3%, surpassing most X-ray instruments in the market.
Battery power supply supports the whole system. SR-1000 is the first portable X-ray system with the battery power supply in China. The multi-in-one car charger is available for charging the generator, flat panel detector and the workstation at the same time.
Eco-friendly & Safe
SR-1000 caters to the clinician demands with lower power, low dosage and low radiation intensity. The leakage radiation rate is only 1/10 of Chinese national standard.
Bluetooth controls exposure
Bluetooth controls exposure through mobile or PC to distance the X-ray source. Without the wired exposure, operation is free from wire length and space limit. Wireless exposure control at any angle and distance effectively reduces radiation to the operator.
WIFI connection technology
WIFI connection is available both between X-ray generator and workstation, flat panel detector and workstation, reducing complex operation and improving efficiency as well.
Dual laser light
The dual laser light facilitates to aim of the 1m SID distance rapidly, effectively improving the examination efficiency.

Multiple protection system
More than 20 types of safeguard and auto diagnosis system, 14 fault codes indication and intelligent error report offer all-round protection to the system. Unique USB interface design allows system maintenance anytime.
Reasonable compact design
All-in-one compact design as a luggage case always allows ready to go.

Different stands caters for different operation needs

X-ray Generator
Built-in battery power supply enables over 200 times of exposure at full power and over 300 times at average power
Easily applied in emergency rooms, operation rooms and the fields
Powerful and energy efficient LED collimator lights
Efficient self-protection and self-diagnosis on failure makes it convenient for maintenance
X-ray Flat Panel Detector
Excellent image quality with high image resolution
Fast acquisition time within 5s
Large imaging area (36cmⅹ43cm) for most general radiographic exams
Suitable for both stationary and mobile solution
PIE-5V Workstation
Simple user interface
Multi region of interest image enhancement functions
Mini PACS for patient history and diagnosis management
Practical report template with one or more images inserted as required