VET X-ray Series

Friendly to our friends
Designed for the companion and zoo animals, the VET X-ray series is easy to use with high image quality, low dose, and strong durability. Applicable to meet different X-ray imaging situations, it is friendly to our animal friends.

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Eco-friendly and User-oriented

  • Multi-level leak-proof design ensures high image quality with low power and low radiation intensity.
  • Compact and splash proof design allows operation in different environment
  • More than 300 groups of preset peremeters to facilitate exposure

  • APP exposure control through WIFI

Battery power supply
  • A full charge enables over 200 times exposure at full power and over 400 times at average power.
  • Normal exposure is available even when the power is lower than 20%.

                                  Detachable battery

Convenient maintenance & update
  • Exclusive USB update function supports instant system update
  • Different prompt codes indicate system status

High flexibility facilitates wide applications

Due to differences in local regulatory requirements and sales policies, some product features may not be available in your region. This page is for reference only, and the actual situation of products shall prevail.