Apogee 3300 Neo

Together with compact design, abundant application packages and streamlined workflow, Apogee 3300 Neo meets doctor's basic needs with simplicity.

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Balanced echo compensation
It effectively compensates the weak echo signals and restrains the hyperecho signals according to the gray scale distribution,and delivers much more uniform image.

Balanced echo off                                                                                         Balanced echo on

Fuzzy logic flow
Fuzzy logic algorithm is applied to set each key parameter in specific range. Different parameter weight is designed according to targeted tissue so as to furthest restore flow signal, enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.

Fusion THI 2.0
Fusion THI 2.0 delivers penetration-improved image by effectively increasing image resolution and tissue contrast.

Fusion THI                                                                                                 Fusion THI 2.0

Xbeam 2.0
With steerable beam angle and the high frame rate, Xbeam effectively increases the spatial resolution and reduces tissue shadow. 

Xbeam off                                                                                                   Xbeam on

nSlice captures the needed section promptly and accurately.

AnyCut lassoes the image agilely.

visualizes the stiffness of tumor intuitively.

Auto IMT
automatically evaluates vascular disease.

AMM flexibly and accurately measures the ejection fraction.

Needle enhancement easily visualizes the puncture processing.

Efficient auto solutions
Auto fit: automatic image processing adjustment.
Auto trace: automatic tracing pw spectrum for calculation.
Auto volume: automatic volume calculation.
Semi auto EF: semi-automatic tracing LV for EF calculation.

Due to differences in local regulatory requirements and sales policies, some product features may not be available in your region. This page is for reference only, and the actual situation of products shall prevail.