Intelligent Breast Volume Ultrasound System
IBUS 60 is the intelligent breast volume diagnostic system launched by SIUI.
Applied with brand new, cutting-edge ultrasound examination method, IBUS 60 represents a major technological breakthrough in the field of ultrasound imaging and diagnostic mode. Featured with safety and comfort, IBUS 60 offers high-resolution images and reduces missed diagnosis, which is ideal for breast exam especially for one with dense breasts.

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Exceptional diagnosis experience
● Nanopure speckle reduction technology
● Intelligent lesion tracking
● Flexible arm control
● Auto scanning
● Comfortable pressure fit
● Efficient workflow
● Unique double coupling
● Mute scanning
● Automatic reset after scanning
● Customized scanning protocol
● Three-dimensional positioning
● Breast health reporting system

IBUS VS Traditional Ultrasound
● Standardize the screening, independent from experience and skill
● Enhance detection of tumors, and better reveal the morphology of minute lesions
● Free 3D imaging displays transection/coronal plane/sagittal plane, reducing misdiagnosis rate
● Accurate spatial stereo positioning, highly consistent with surgical fields
● Field-of-view is over 3 times larger than traditional 2D probe to capture the large lesions completely

                                                                IBUS                                                                                                           Traditional Ultrasound

IBUS VS Mammography
● Zero X ray radiation allows rescreening
● More accurate and convenient in diagnosing solid-cystic of tumors
● Higher detection rate of tumors in dense breast
● Display breast with volume ultrasonic tomography
● Easily acquire horizontal, vertical and coronal images
● Accurate spatial stereo positioning, highly consistent with surgical fields
● Shorten examination time and improve diagnosis efficiency
● Harmless and applicable to all people
● Cost-effective

Full Volume Imaging and Coronal Section with High Clinical Value
Intelligent breast volume ultrasound system acquires data information from multi-section, multi-angle and multi-direction. The coronal scanning intuitively shows the anatomical information of breast tissue in a supine position during operation, which helps surgeon to perform more accurate surgical planning.

                                          Coronal Plane                                                             Vertical Plane                                                                 Horizontal Plane

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