Apogee 6200

Outstanding performance in comprehensive applications
Apogee 6200 provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions with outstanding performance for cardiac, abdominal, vascular, musculoskeletal, urology, and OB/GYN clinical applications.

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Talented Encode
The Talented Encode technology is adopted to improve the frequency accuracy and bandwidth of the received echo. It helps to enhance penetration and resolution so as to provide useful imaging information more efficiently and show the lesions of different depths more accurately.

Tuned Gain
By automatically recognizing and making up the echo difference between different depths of the tissues and organs, it ensures the uniformity of near-far field image echo more accurately and effectively. With the Tuned Gain technology, image resolution increases by 40%, which facilitates the diagnosis especially on difficult patients.


Needle Enhancement
Needle enhancement enhances visualization of the needle location, offering the reliability and confidence to the clinicians and reducing the risk of needle biopsy.

Auto IMT
Auto IMT is capable of determining the level of vascular sclerosis. It allows clinicians to measure the intima faster, more easily and more accurately.

Tissue Doppler Imaging helps to measure the myocardial velocity throughout the cardiac cycle. It's one of the effective methods for cardiac movement and function evaluation.

AMM (Anatomical M Mode)
AMM enables a more detailed evaluation on wall motion by implementing one or multiple sampling lines. The reproductivity and accuracy of the left ventricle measurement is greatly increased. Thus helps to reduce the subjective limitation in conventional M-mode.

Auto OB
SIUI’s Auto OB is an intelligent tool that makes standard obstetric ultrasound procedure simpler. Relevant measurements for fetal growth can be obtained in an instant with a click. It supports intelligent analysis and precise measurement for obstetric images with high efficiency, applicable for the most common measurement items.