Apogee 2300 Pro

Powered by the robust Realview+ imaging platform, Apogee 2300 Pro delivers exceptional image quality and is especially excellent in urology and radiology applications. Its streamlined workflow ensures a smooth operation experience with the user-centered design concept. Choose Apogee 2300 Pro to upgrade your practice and upgrade your capabilities!

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Ergonomic design
· Foldable 15-inch HD screen
· Detachable lithium battery
· Compatible with the height-adjustable trolley
Upgraded Image Quality with Advanced Technology

· Pixel Echo Zone improves image uniformity
· Tailored Filter enhance S/N ratio to achieve higher image contrast
· S-Beam avoids image distortion
· Raw Data Processing enables flexible image adjustment
Upgraded Operation Experience with Streamlined Workflow

· Real-time Worksheet Display

· Cross-mode Measurement

· Reversed data import
· Report Template Customization
· Exam Type Personalization
· Standby Mode
· Data Protection Mechanism

· In-plane Biopsy Guidance indicates the insertion path and needle tip position during biopsy operation.
· Out-of-plane Biopsy Guidance supports preset of needle size and insertion depth to minimize the risk of potential damage to surrounding tissues.
· Compatible with Bi-plane probe for efficient urology examination.
   Bi-plane Dual Micro-convex Probe

   Bi-plane Linear and Micro-convex Probe

· CHI visualizes blood perfusion status in real-time with high image contrast to detect micro lesions and outline tumor.

· HRI QA assesses hepatic steatosis by quantitative results with multiple sampling points available.

· Strain Elastography assists in analyzing tissue stiffness to detect potential abnormalities.