Apogee 5500 Pro

Apogee 5500 Pro has been developed to meet the surging clinical demand for a comprehensive ultrasound solution. Equipped with Realview+ platform, Apogee 5500 Pro is capable of delivering high-quality images with improved frame rate and resolution. The intelligent and dedicated solutions for various medical branches, such as cardiology and advanced radiology, significantly enhance clinicians’ diagnostic confidence.

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Elegant Design

● 23-inch adjustable HD monitor
● 13.3-inch touch screen
● Rotatable control panel
● Adjustable height
● 5 probe connectors
● Gel warmer
Streamlined Workflow
Before Scanning

● Drag and set customized exam type layout
● One click to set self-defined parameters via Q-Preset
● Acquire informative scanning tutorial from S-Helper

During Scanning
● Locate measurement spot precisely with Zoom Cursor
● Simplify calculation process with reverse import of specialized results

After Scanning
● Compare multiple images via S-view
● Safeguard the data with reliable data protection mechanism

Insightful Cardiology Application Solutions
Auto EF enables automatic identification and tracking of endocardium during the cardiac cycle, thereby facilitating the calculation of EDV, ESV, LVEF and other necessary results within seconds.

Auto SG allows global and segmental analysis of left ventricular myocardial motion through the scores displayed in a bull’s-eye plot.

Stress Echo assists in detecting coronary artery abnormalities by comparing myocardial wall motion of the heart at rest and under stress.

All-Round Radiology Application Solutions
Strain Elastography visualizes the tissue stiffness to detect potential abnormalities within tissue.

Contrast Harmonic Imaging visualizes the blood flow perfusion status with contrast agent. The timer function further improves the objectivity of tumor diagnosis.

While in gynecology, Salpingography enables effective evaluation of tubal morphology and patency for female infertility and pelvic pathology diagnosis.

Due to differences in local regulatory requirements and sales policies, some product features may not be available in your region. This page is for reference only, and the actual situation of products shall prevail.