Apogee 5300 Pro

Apogee 5300 Pro serves as a professional assistant in providing outstanding images to facilitate diagnostic accuracy. Its user-oriented workflow and customizable settings ensure convenience for physicians, thereby enhancing their working efficiency.

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Ergonomic Design
● 23-inch monitor
● 13.3-inch touch screen
● 5 probe connectors
● Backlit keyboard
● Adjustable articulated arm
● Adjustable height
● Gel warmer
Professional Applications Optimize Diagnostic Capability
Apogee 5300 Pro is not only professional in general examination but also proficient in specialty applications.
It demonstrates outstanding performance in sensitively capturing the dynamic movement of the myocardium and blood flow, as well as possesses remarkable computing capabilities that enable automatic measurement of essential results within seconds.
With Apogee 5300 Pro, physicians can confidently enhance their diagnostic accuracy.
Proficient in Improving Operation Efficiency

● Hotkey Customization: Apply frequent-used functions by one-touch
● S-view: Quick comparison of multiple images and cines
● S-station: Personalized report template

Auto EF accurately calculates the LV EF within seconds through automatic identification and tracking of the endocardium, facilitating the evaluation of cardiac systolic function.

Auto SG empowers quantitative and objective assessment of LV systolic function and myocardial deformation through the intuitive scored bull’s-eye plot.

Auto IMT precisely measures the thickness of anterior and posterior intima-media within the ROI to provide reliable data for risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases.

CHI visualizes the blood flow perfusion status with improved sensitivity and higher contrast. The dual mode comparison and timer function further facilitate accurate tumor diagnosis.

Auto NT simplifies the operational process and increases diagnostic accuracy in measuring nuchal translucency thickness for fetal Down’s syndrome screening.

Lumi 4D provides life-like fetal images with an adjustable light source, enhancing image quality for improved diagnostic accuracy.

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