Apogee 5300 Elite

Apogee 5300 Elite excels in both general and specialized examinations, making it an excellent solution for enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency across various applications including OB / GYN and radiology.

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Ergonomic Design
● 23-inch adjustable monitor
● 13.3-inch touch screen
● 4 probe connectors
● Backlit keyboard
● Gel warmer
Effortless Operational Experience

● Gestational Week Tracking

● Realtime Worksheet Display

● Measurement Assistant

Extraordinary Diagnostic Capabilities in OB / GYN
Auto OB automatically measures the common fetal biometry results (e.g. HC, BPD, OFD, AC, FL) in standard sections to improve operation accuracy and efficiency.

Auto Hip minimizes the possibility of misdiagnosis in hip dysplasia evaluation and classification by automatically identifying bone and cartilage baseline and top line, along with measuring α and β angles.

Lumi 4D empowers adjustable light source angle to support real-time static stereo imaging of the fetus.

Exceptional Diagnostic Capabilities in Radiology
CHI enhances the contrast between the lesions and surrounding tissues to intuitively visualize the perfusion status of the organ, facilitating the accurate differential diagnosis of certain diseases.

Strain Elastography visualizes the stiffness of tissues in real time to detect potential abnormalities.

Needle Enhancement improves the visibility of the needle position during biopsy procedure for enhanced operation precision.

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