Apogee C2

Apogee C2, a portable ultrasound system, is developed with in-depth insights to provide seamless user experience with its elegant control panel design and user-centered workflow. Boosted by Realview+ image processing platform, Apogee C2 optimizes the image quality. Therefore, it highly facilitates efficient and accurate diagnosis in general examination and radiology, OB / GYN, etc.

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Elegant Outlook Design
● 15.6-inch adjustable monitor
● Maximum 4 probe connectors
● Digital power indicator

Contrast Harmonic Imaging
The blood flow perfusion status can be visualized in real time with contrast agent for efficient analysis of tumors in liver, thyroid and other organs. The timer function further enhances the diagnostic accuracy.

Strain Elastography
Tissue stiffness can be visualized to detect abnormalities within tissue by applying external compression following the pressure curve guidance.

In-Plane Biopsy
Real-time display of the insertion path and needle tip position during biopsy operation to prevent unintended damage to surrounding tissues.
Out-of-Plane Biopsy
Preset of needle size and insertion depth ensures precise operations. With the specialized biopsy rack on the probe, the operational accuracy can be further enhanced.
Auto Hip
Reliable evaluation of hip dysplasia by automatic identification of bone and cartilage baseline and top line, along with measurement of α and β angles.

Auto Optimal View
Intelligently identify the standard sections for measuring fatal BPD, FL, AC from the collected cines.
Auto OB
Automatic measurement of the common fetal biometry results such as BPD, FL, HL from the standard examination sections of fetus.

The intuitive visualization of the oviduct enables effective evaluation of tubal morphology and patency, facilitating accurate diagnoses of female infertility and pelvic pathology.

Due to differences in local regulatory requirements and sales policies, some product features may not be available in your region. This page is for reference only, and the actual situation of products shall prevail.