SyncScan 2

SyncScan 2 is a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector with PA32:128PR and 2-channel
TOFD, which can maximize your efficiency for PA and TOFD.

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  • High IP rate: IP 65
  • Light weight: 4kg only including battery.
  • 8.4" LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels.
  • Working temperature: -10℃~45℃
  • Faster scan speed.
  • Removable electric fan: cool down the system when it works in high temperature.
  • Support PA/TOFD/UT, suitable for weld, forging and plate inspection.
  • 32-channel PA is more suitable for inspection on extra-thick wall and high-damping material.
  • 32-channel PA and 2-channel TOFD work simultaneously, focusing on pressure vessel inspection.
  • Support PR mode, focusing on pipe corrosion inspection when connect with high-end twin-crystal PA probe.
  • System ports: encoder, VGA, standard SD card, USB 2.0/3.0.
  • Probe ports: 4 ports for UT/TOFD probe, 1 port for phased array probe.

Conventional UT

Velocity+Zero Calibration/Angle Calibration/DAC/AVG(DGS)
Full screen A scan/Coordinates switch (sound path, depth,horizontal)
Surface compensation(xx+xxdB)/Auto freeze/Second leg color/Auto gain/Wave compare Wave filling/Peak Envelope/Screenshot
API/TCG/AWS/CSC/B Scan/Flat Weld Groove(RayTracing)/Crack Height Measurement
Probe Spectrum Analysis/Cineloop/BEA function(Backwall Echo Attenuator)

Phased Array

  • Standard functions: calibration wizard, PA groups function, BEA function(Backwall Echo Attenuator).


  • Optional functions: Simultaneous inspection ofPA & TOFD, flat weld solution, angel weld solution,pipe girth weld solution, corrosion solution, DAC curve.


  • Standard functions: calibration wizard, measurement, image processing.
  • Optional functions: SAFT