SIUI Portable DR Solution against COVID-19 in Thailand

SIUI's integrated portable DR solutions were applied in 11th Army Circle Field Hospital in Thailand to assist the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

“11th Army Circle Field Hospital” is one of field hospitals set up in Bangkok to cope with the rising number of COVID-19 infections.

The Royal Thai Army has elevated this field hospital within the 11th Army Circle to take in both yellow and red level COVID-19 patients, to aid Bangkok, which is experiencing a shortage of beds for Covid-19 sufferers.

The field hospital has been provided by Thai Army Troop with medical support from Thonburi Bamrungmuang in terms of equipment and personnel. So far, the hospital has offered a total of 300 beds for COVID-19 patients.

With excellent image performance and mobility, SIUI's integrated portable DR solution supports rapid and accurate diagnosis of lung infections for the suspected cases, close contacts and fever patients, which could greatly reduce the flow of people and the spread of the virus. It plays an important role as efficient inspection method in field hospitals, fever clinics, isolation wards, public transportation stations and other monitoring sites.


SIUI's integrated portable DR solution emerges as a frontier tool in the combat against coronavirus.


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