V75 is a mid-high end trolley-type veterinary ultrasound system that offers outstanding image quality and high working efficiency. It is designed to deliver fast and accurate diagnosis on different species ranging from companion animals, exotic pets, equine and farm animals.
Adopting the most advanced imaging platform – Realview+, V75 will improve your diagnostic experience on cardiac, abdomen, superficial, reproduction, etc.

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Realview+ incorporates key image processing technologies that generate stunning image quality at a faster response rate and processing speed, enhancing your diagnosis not only on routine exams but also on sophisticated cases.
Pixel Echo Zone automatically calculates echo information from each pixel area, to reach higher frame rate and ensure focus accuracy and consistency, improving image uniformity.

Tailored Filter enhances valid signal and suppressing invalid signals to increase S/N ratio for a better image contrast.

X-Beam 3.0 multiply receives and processes scanning lines of images from each element to improve image resolution and reduce tissue shadows.

AMM collects data with up to 5 sampling lines at one time to implement detailed assessment on wall motion. It greatly improves the reproducibility and accuracy of left ventricular measurement.
TDI captures the movement of the myocardium, with red and blue representing the different direction of wall movement. Combining TDI with PW is to better obtain the motion trajectory of the myocardial wall.
CW detects high-speed blood flow and hemodynamics information, helpful for measuring the gradient of the tricuspid regurgitation (TR).
Trapezoid Imaging reveals better diagnostic information through extended view of the anatomical structure.
VS Flow increases the sensitivity of low velocity blood flow with high resolution, which assists the assessment for blood supply of tumor, renal embolism for cats, etc.
Needle Enhancement enhances needle’s visibility and the accuracy during in-plane or out-of-plane biopsy. 
Strain Elastography offers a real-time tissue stiffness assessment shown in color-coded stiffness mapping, which is helpful for tumor detection.