The high-end portable ultrasound system V9 has been meticulously developed with an elegant outlook and intelligent application solutions. Compact yet powerful, V9 is an ideal choice for veterinary hospitals and laboratories with reliable solutions in cardiology and general applications for animals.

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Exquisite Design
● 15.6-inch adjustable monitor
● 4 probe connectors
● Digital power indicator
● Elegant keyboard layout
Cutting-edge Technologies Deliver Premium Images

● Pixel Echo Zone sensitively captures the rapid cardiac motion of animals at high frame rate through wide-band information processing.
● Tailored Filter filters noise and extracts effective information to optimize the image contrast.
● X-Beam avoids image distortion to improve overall fidelity by compounded compensation.
User-oriented Workflow
Customizable exam types, measurement formulas and report templates offer a seamless operation experience. Real-time worksheet display and S-view for multiple image comparison enhance diagnostic efficiency, while the zoom cursor enables precise measurement spot location for small animals.

Cardiology Applications
● TDI QA automatically tracks and visualizes the strain and velocity of myocardial motion to facilitate comprehensive quantitative analysis for myocardial function evaluation.

● AMM allows simultaneous assessment of cardiac wall motion for multiple sections, thereby facilitating efficient diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy for large-sized canines.

● CW Mode sensitively detects high-velocity blood flow signals to identify cardiac abnormalities such as mitral regurgitation, which is commonly observed in dogs with degenerative mitral valve disease.

Abdominal Applications

● Micro Flow captures micro blood flow signals to precisely reflect the blood flow perfusion status in organs.

● Strain Elastography differentiates tissue stiffness to assist in tumor diagnosis or research.

● CHI visualizes the blood flow perfusion process with the contrast agent. Dual mode comparison and timer function enhance the efficiency in tumor diagnosis and research.

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