V9 Lite

V9 Lite is designed to be a reliable and helpful assistant for veterinarians to provide accurate and efficient diagnoses. Boasting an exquisite keyboard layout and a workflow tailored to user needs, V9 Lite ensures a seamless operational experience.

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Exquisite Design
● 15.6-inch adjustable monitor
● Maximum 4 probe connectors
● Digital power indicator
● Elegant keyboard layout
Robust Platform for Utilitarian Application Solutions
The robust computing capability of V9 Lite enables Broad Beam Transmission to calculates echo information through wide-band imaging processing, significantly enhancing the energy utilization rate and penetration level. Image quality is optimized by Tailored Filter and Intelligent Refactoring through noise filtering and effective extraction of echo information.
Streamlined Workflow for Smooth Operation

● Quick ID: One-touch ID creation
● Real-time Worksheet Display: Quick view of results
● Flexible Measurement: Remove any individual measurement results
● Customized Report Template: Adapts to diverse usage habits
● Personalized Annotation & Body Mark: Suitable for different animals
● Self-defined Hotkey Function: Quick access of frequent-use functions

Adaptive TDI facilitates the evaluation of myocardial motion throughout the cardiac cycle, which is particularly crucial for elder dog examination.

AMM empowers assessment of cardiac wall motion with multiple sampling lines, thereby facilitating efficient diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy for large-sized canines.

CW Mode sensitively detects high-velocity blood flow signals to identify cardiac abnormalities such as mitral regurgitation, which is commonly observed in dogs with degenerative mitral valve disease.

Needle Enhancement improves the visibility of the needle during biopsy, enhancing operational accuracy and avoiding potential damage to surrounding tissues.
Panoscope provides wider and seamless images for extensive tissue scanning, particularly beneficial for examination of giant dogs and exotic pets like snakes.
Auto Fit optimizes the image quality by simply one-touch operation.

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