Ultracloud-based product series opens a CLOUD era

SIUI launched the world’s first Ultracloud-based product series at the 70th CMEF, Xiamen, 3rd November, 2013.


During the release conference, authorizes and experts together witnessed this giant leap of SIUI. With the launch of the series, SIUI takes the lead in the industry to a brand new CLOUD era. It is a great contribution SIUI has made for ultrasound industry in China and even in the world. The CLOUD era also has significant reference value to other medical instruments industry in China.


Ultracloud, the brand new platform, is a perfect combination of SIUI original powerful processing technology and cloud service.


“Ultra”refers to the core technology of SIUI, the innovation derived from the interdisciplinary efforts of modern physics, biology, acoustics, electronics, computer technology and network technology. It breaks the limitation of traditional technology platform, achieves unlimited expansion of technical processing resources, improves processing speed of the system and optimizes resources allocation, so as to enhance the ability to adapt to future needs. It enables customers to meet different complicated needs by simple operations.


“Cloud”, as the carrier, enables customers to obtain needed service with SIUI products anytime and anywhere. It brings huge convenience, great fun as well as added value to our customers.


Five Ultracloud-based models were released, including the laptop CLOUD color Doppler system Apogee 1000, tablet-based wall CLOUD color Doppler with full touch screen Apogee 2000, high-end CLOUD color Doppler system Apogee 5500 and Apogee 5800, and the all-in-one breast imaging system.


With built-in lithium battery, Apogee 1000 outshines the other compatible products with its weight and portability. It perfectly meets the need of mobile diagnosis.


With user-friendly interface and workflow, the tablet-based CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 2000 is designed for demanding clinical environment. Wireless controller helps to ease the operation and provides smooth diagnostic experience.


With curvy and slender profile, clear and optimized image, high-end CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 5500 largely enhances doctors’ diagnostic confidence.


Featured with ergonomic design and intuitive setup, high-end CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 5800 helps to upgrade diagnostic efficiency.


Integrated breast imaging system is the global first system to collaborate CLOUD color Doppler with mammography. It is another masterpiece from SIUI to integrate these two systems to an all-in-one diagnosis equipment. The launch of the system will bring huge convenience to people who suffer from breast disease, and offer brand new solutions of fast breast screening and precise imaging.


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