PAUT Solution with Free 2D Corrosion Mapping Scanner

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For corrosion testing, we have formed a more advanced solution with a new set of corrosion testing system, including PAUT instrument SyncScan2, scanner MPS-02, DLA probe and special solution & analysis software. This solution is also suitable for coarse crystal and composite materials with severe attenuation.

  • Free 2D: Innovative combination of dual-axis coding and computer programming to achieve 360° coding.
  • Real-time: Real-time display of probe position and statistical information, visualize the detected area to avoid missing inspection.
  • Optimized: Scanner can be moved freely without drawing a fixed scanning track, optimizing the workflow.
  • Flexibility: Compact size, suitable for plates, pipes and complex workpieces.
  • Efficiency: Wide coverage, high density C-Scan, double crystals and phased array focusing.
  • Compatibility: Customizable probe holder size, suitable for a variety of probe types.

Corrosion Mapping Scanner MPS-02
  • IP68
  • Suitable for pipe OD≥100mm and plate with wall thickness≥4mm 

PA corrosion solution software
Professional testing wizard guides users step by step for a seamless workflow from setup to report.

Test result
  • Scanning on plate (thickness 8mm)

  • Scanning on pipe (wall thickness 4mm)

Data analysis software SuporUp
                                    Defect measurement                                                            Report generation