Portable Ultrasound System in the Battle against “COVID-19”

In the battle against “COVID-19”, portable ultrasound systems also prove their advantages besides the DR system. 
It's reported that “COVID-19” transmits through air and contact. Ultrasound systems have advantages over other medical devices like CT or DR in easier sterilization and smaller contact areas. Featuring with advanced imaging technology and compact design, SIUI's portable color Doppler system Apogee 2300 plays an important role in the diagnosis of pneumonia with its incomparable image quality, versatility and mobility.



By far, dozens of Apogee 2300 have been sent to hospitals all over the country with engineers followed to the installation and training. As the medical staff fighting at the front line, SIUI will continue to offer the well-equipped instruments to support their work. Surely we will defeat the disease in the near future!