PAUT Solution for Small Diameter Pipe Welds

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This PAUT testing system includes PA flaw detector SyncScan/ SyncScan 2, low profile crawler LPS‐01/ 02, PA probes with wedges, and special software for testing small diameter pipe, with OD ranging from 20.32‐114.3mm (0.84‐4.5 inch).

  • Slim Design: Enable to inspect pipes that have limited accessibility.
  • Easy Installed: Simple buckle design to easily buckle up and unbuckle the links for different pipe diameters. No need to disassemble the whole scanner.
  • Steady: Crawler can provide stable and constant pressure around the pipe full circumference.
  • Efficiency: Support up to two PA probes to cover the whole welds at one time.
  • Precision: Smooth‐rolling encoded movement to enable precise data acquisition and measurement.
  • Secure: Waterproof, rust‐free, and CE‐compliant.

Crawler LPS‐01/ 02

       LPS‐01 for one‐side inspection              LPS‐02 for dual‐side inspection

PA Pipe Girth Weld Solution Software


  links assembly guide table       Beam coverage simulation

Test Result (PAUT vs. X‐ray)
  • Testing lack of penetration flaw for pipe (78x10mm)

  • Testing strip‐type flaw for pipe (45x8.0mm)

  • Testing no‐fusion flaw for pipe (32x8.0mm)

SuporUp PC Software for Data Analysis

Test Report