Medical Imaging

In medical imaging, SIUI has been dedicated to innovative development of medical ultrasound and medical x-ray, ushering medical ultrasound go through the development stages of A-B-C-D-E(Amplitude-Brightness-Color Doppler-3D/4D--Elastography ), and entering cloud-based color Doppler and intelligent ultrasound age. The successful development of portable DR opens a new chapter for medical x-ray in China.


SIUI's newly released phased array instrument offers both phased-array and A-scan imaging. With compact size, good performance, perfect combination of sector and linear scan, the system is designed to meet demanding NDT inspections. It can be used in various industries, such as aerospace, power generation, oil & gas and transportation industries. The release of phased array instrument makes SIUI a manufacturer that possess high-end portable phased array technology.


Customer Service

"Full-service customer needs" is the business purpose of SIUI. Adhering to the premise of providing customers with quality products, SIUI constantly strive to improve service quality. SIUI has a professional, efficient and dedicated engineering support, clinical application engineer and industrial application of ultrasonic testing expert team, can provide technical support and training of professional services for customers, so that the performance of the instrument to the fullest play.